Carpenter Abel Rossignol made his first wooden skis in 1907. Icon of the past, symbol of the present, his craftsmanship and passion for skiing continues within the company to this day. Rossignol is the world’s leading winter sports goods brand offering a wide range of performance equipment and premium clothing for skiing and snowboarding.
All Rossignol equipment is developed to exacting standards to ensure it delivers the stand-out experience that skiers and boarders crave and thrive on. Cruise the piste, float through powder, ride the rails, Rossignol skis and boards will compliment your style. With accolades from World Champions, the HERO ski collection is designed for elite-level athletes and competitive racers who demand optimum precision, balance and power.




Founded: 1907 Products:
  • Skis
  • Ski Boots
  • Snowboards
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Ski Clothing
  • Leisure Clothing
  • Abel Rossignol developed his first skis in 1907
  • Rossignol achieved 6 gold medals at Calgary Olympics and 12 medals in 2018 Korean Games
  • Soul 7, the worlds most celebrated freeride ski launched 2013
  • Hero Race skis launched 2014
  • Uk
  • Europe
  • Usa
  • Australasia