AMG Group Ltd Modern Slavery Statement 2020

This statement has been published in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The statement sets-out the ongoing actions taken by AMG Group Ltd, and its group of companies, Vango Group Ltd and Vango Holdings Ltd (hereafter referred to collectively as AMG Group Ltd) for the financial year 21st October 2021, to 21st October 2022. to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within its business and supply chain.

The issue of modern slavery is a growing concern, not only in the UK, but throughout the world. AMG Group Ltd, as a leading and proactive company, has a responsibility to ensure its supply chain and its business is free from this subject and has a commitment to carry out a robust and continual due diligence process, identifying potential risks and eliminating them at the earliest opportunity.

We believe in affiliating with others who share the same values and understand the importance of always conducting business ethically. We will never partner or affiliate with a supplier or third party unless they commit to never using forced labour, whether in the form of human trafficking, indentured labour or otherwise. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines many of the efforts made to ensure our supply chain does not contain labour of this nature.



AMG Group Ltd operates many brands and is a global leader in branded outdoor and camping equipment, footwear and accessories. AMG Group Ltd manufactures its branded products in Asia and Europe. We have a supply base of approximately 42 contractually bound manufacturers involved in sourcing, direct sourcing and licensing.  Our inspections and checks with our suppliers continue on a regular basis and evolve to share good practice in addition to being stringent on any violations.   Regardless of the model used, these independently owned and operated suppliers are subject to the compliance principles outlined in this statement. A concise audit programme has been created to collect relevant information from all our routine supplier visits.



AMG Group Ltd staff activity is regulated by Our Purpose, Our Vision & Our Values, which bans the use of forced or involuntary labour in any of our locations or in the operations of facilities who produce goods for us. We constantly evaluate our current and potential contracted factories against our rigorous standards and require them to comply to our Modern Slavery Statement prior to entering our supply chain. By agreeing to our Contractual Terms, our suppliers are clear about AMG Group Ltd.’s expectations.

For many years, AMG Group Ltd.’s Product, Supply Chain and Quality Departments have actively carried-out due diligence procedure with all suppliers.  This process seeks to understand potential supply chain risks and steers our sourcing of product.  Our contracts prohibit suppliers from engaging subcontractors to produce AMG Group Ltd products, without the written permission of AMG Group Ltd.

AMG Group Ltd will not knowingly work with factories who use forced labour. We use our own supplier auditors to ensure compliance with our Modern Slavery Statement.



Before conducting business with AMG, each supplier must undergo a full and complete factory audit. This may include scheduled and unannounced audits by our own staff and 3rd party factory compliance auditors. We will inspect for evidence of health and safety concern, wage and social compliance, forced labour, child labour issues, harassment-free workplace policies, and environmental issues.

A factory receiving an accepted rating is authorised to produce our products. Reviews are held annually.

Our supplier contracts make it clear that they must conduct business in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and comply with our terms. Each supplier must confirm compliance with these terms and our Modern Slavery Statement prior to becoming an approved and contracted supplier.



For our staff and management who have direct responsibility for the monitoring, auditing and enforcing of our supplier base, we will provide ongoing training. This training will include topics such as identifying child labour, involuntary or forced labour and preventing human trafficking.



All AMG Group Ltd staff must comply with our Modern Slavery Statement, which outlines our principles relating to human trafficking and forced labour. Consistent with internationally recognised labour standards, we specify minimum working conditions for the employees of our suppliers, helping to support the principle that our values are reflected in our products. A contracted factory’s breach of our contract will result in AMG Group Ltd taking remedial corrective action, perhaps including termination as an approved contracted supplier.



AMG Group Ltd.’s Modern Slavery Statement and principles listed in this statement aim to help ensure the use of forced or involuntary labour in our supply chain is prevented. Along with our actions surrounding due diligence, risk assessment, audits and training, we seek to ensure our contracted suppliers are free of known labour or employment supplied by or through slavery, forced or compulsory labour or the product of human trafficking. Reviewing key performance indicators such as audit statistics and helpline reports on an ongoing basis allows us to update training for our staff to identify and report human trafficking and modern slavery issues, leading to continuous improvement in our practices.

This statement covers October 21st, 2021, and was approved by the Board of AMG Ltd on 20th October 2022.

Stephen Newlands, CEO, AMG Group Ltd.

21st October 2021